West Philly Square Dance

People of all genders are invited and welcome to join us at the West Philly Square Dance.

But please come with the knowledge that many of the traditional dances called use gendered language. We understand that this may create an environment that feels unsafe. We know about this and we are working on it. We are doing our best to a) find callers who are are excited about breaking down gender binaries and will call dances accordingly, b) work towards creating and using new language for traditional dances that uses terms that are not gender specific. As a new(ish) community this space is a work in progress and as we work towards a truly queer trans and gender non binary friendly space, we promise to start by always inviting all folks to dance in whichever roles they want. Again, we are working on it. Please let us know how we're doing - we welcome any feedback that you might have.

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